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Get More Out of Your Candles

You can tell a lot about a person by how they purchase and burn candles. Studies show that paraffin candles gives off fumes that causes allergies, asthma, and cancer. Soy candles are a chemical-free alternative that is great in quality and still affordable.

Do you ever wonder the age of your candle? When did the chandler pour your scented ounces of wax? Although candles can last for decades, do you want to purchase a 3 year old candle? The beauty about dealing with a chandler who can pour custom candles is that you will know the true date of its creation. A true chandler takes pride in their work, and would never sell an aged candle unless "vintage" is on the menu. What is the life of your candle before it loses its scent? Joyous Healing Life provides custom scented hand-poured organic candles. Our candles are also unique by doubling as massage oil and moisturizer. Candles are used for illumination, telling time, decor, heat, and ambience. Invest in great quality candles that are tailored to you.

There is an educational candle video that is included to assist you with maximizing candle care. If you negate proper candle care, you could potentially injure yourself and/or your property. The holiday season is here, and there is no harm in triple checking our knowledge of do's and don'ts concerning open flames. Joyous Healing Life has a guide, Candle 101 that is beneficial to a candle lover and also someone who is new to the world of burning and collecting candles.

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