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Picky or Crazy

Candle of the Week: Loving Lemon

Am I the only person who is anal about situations that some folks may deemed as unnecessary? I do not like to go to houses where there is hair on the floor. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. When I was young, I came to the conclusion that hair was something that was dead once it left the head. I did not want death hanging one me, and I definitely did not want to step in it. In the south, you'll find that people wear bedroom shoes, sock, or go barefooted. To me, wearing socks around the house is cheaper than a Swiffer Sweeper, and you are guaranteed to collect as much dirt as the sock could handle. I use to run around barefooted because I enjoyed feeling the floor, until one day tragedy happened. With my sincere and dramatic heart, my body computed that the hairs that were locked under my feet, and wrapped around my toes were there to suffocate me. I allowed my thoughts to overtake me, and I believed that I was walking on dead tresses. It was on that day that I decided I would sweep and vacuum after doing my hair each time, I would keep my brushes and combs clean, and my bathroom counter was spotless. The more I focused on my new found methods, I notice that I was alone. I noticed that other people were not bothered....they could dance and lay in dead hair all day, while feeling utterly fulfilled. My friend's found my weakness and began to leave hair lingering on purpose to gain laughter....It wasn't until I realized that maybe I have some serious issues. Why am I so objective to it all? I should be able to wrap my head around dislocated hair that was previously a living items that carries DNA. Maybe I have a bit of ODC. Maybe I have sensory processing issues. I can go down a rabbit hole and try to figure out my WHY, or just accept that I like things a certain way. That doesn't mean that it needs to be categorized. An area filled with hair is not clean or dirty, it is just filled with as a temporary cemetery, which houses secrets and stories. Why is preference now considered a medical issue that needs immediate treatment of therapy or pills? Are we no longer entitled to being specific and intentional about your own space...Maybe, just maybe it becomes a problem when you force your practices on someone else's personal environment. Is it a lack of etiquette to say something, or is overstepping to take the initiative to dispose of the hair? Is this a subject that friends/family could/should discuss or is this specifically for your own domain?

My solution for me is simple...I keep a broom in the bathroom, and I sweep every day after finishing my hair. I also vacuum ever day along my daily path, and deep clean on the weekend. As far as my sink, I wipe it down with a paper towel into the trashcan. I never flush hair because it could potentially clog my pipes. Also, when visiting others, I simply clean if I'm using the bathroom, and keep my opinions, and actions to myself.

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