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20 Years of Candlemaking has been a beautiful journey that has taught me patience, tenacity, and injenuity . 

Joyous Healing is a wellness brand built on the concept of Intentional Joy. With this in mind, Joyous Healing has created all-natural, holistic and ethically sustainable products and services focused on the health of your mind, body and spirit. Joyous Healing's main objective is to cater to your ultimate candle goals – long lasting, and .amazingly scented.

Our founder, Joi Heggins, absolutely loves beautiful, handmade, colorful, and extremely scented candles. Ms. Heggins started candle making as a child over a 20 years ago. Through her desire for long lasting organic candles, she practiced, learned and implemented her unique techniques and creations. She created multi-use candles where the melted wax doubles as massage oil, chocolate candles for bridal parties, pet safe candles, candles with hidden prizes, multi-layered and multi-colored candles, and wickless candles.  She absolutely cherishes candle making and would like to provide you with products and advice that will deliver similar results her candle goals. 


Always remember to Cherish Your Candle.

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