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​Joyous Healing specializes in products and services that caters to your overall mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. We started with creating handmade pet-friendly candles, massage candles, and aromatherapy products. Our Artisans have been making candles for over two decades and have provided services globally with art, aromatherapy, and environmental tone setting. Joyous Healing was created to provide services that models Joy and Peace. Everyone wants the pleasure of joy, and the presence of peace. Our handmade products are created in a peaceful, and joyous environment. We pour with precision. We do not measure because we create from feeling, and that is why you receive a candle with its own DNA. Our candles have custom scents, and are also made to order. 

  • We recently expanded our brand by introducing two new products: Chafe No More, and Joyous Feet. 

  • Another unique fact about us is that we provide amazing Subscription Packages with FREE SHIPPING, which provides a convenient way to automate your life's blissful journey.

  • We value our craft so much that we also created a Candle Guide: Candle 101.  This manual is a keepsake that shows you how to get the most value out of your candles. 

  • Joyous Healing is a huge advocate of community and that is why we have included an Affiliate Program that will help others increase their personal income to achieve financial goals. 

  • We felt it was only right to create a safe haven where kids can accelerate their skills in business while making money in real life, and real time. 


We specialize in: 

  1. Creating experiences that will enhance your life,

  2. Increase your passion

  3. Establish relaxation

  4. Refocus your energy

  5. Maintain your chi

We will help you.

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